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Hello, We Are Finding F8

We are a happy family of four helping people reach their max potential in all aspects of life through F8. With our own learned expertise, research, and the help of other professionals, we provide the roadmap to tap into a better you!


My name is Andrea Guzman

Welcome everyone to my website! My name is Andrea and I am very excited that you are here. I want to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me and my family. I am a full-time work-from-home mommy of a a three year old named Dante and a two year old named Emilia. I wear many hats in my life- project manager, mommy, blogger, business owner, fiancé, and creative designer to list a few. My family’s mission is to help people reach their true happiness and potential in everything and anything they want in life by finding freedom through F8. My personal goal is to use my experiences and stories to help people with their own journeys. Welcome to our legacy!   

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Christian Chavira

Founder & CEO

As the CEO of Finding Freedom Through F8, Christ is a seasoned lifestyle coach who empowers individuals to unleash their full potential and find freedom in their personal and professional lives.

Andrea Guzman

Co-Founder & Writter

As a co-founder and blog writer for a lifestyle coaching company, Andrea combines her passion for writing with the love for motherhood to inspire and guide readers on their journey towards a fulfilling life.

Dante & Emilia


Dante and Emilia are a three and two year old dynamic duo that love traveling with mom and dad, learning through the Montessori Method, and going on fun adventures. 

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